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10 things you don’t know about me

13 Aug

Many thanks to mammasaurus for tagging me in this exercise of pure self-indulgence combined with just a wee bit of soul-searching. I’m not sure that these ten things will make you believe I am actually a sensible and very well-rounded individual. Please do comment if you’ve not backed away by point number 10 …

  1. Both my second toes are longer than my big toes. Apparently it’s a sign of genius.
  2. I once appeared on Songs of Praise. There was a long close-up of me singing (well, miming) like an adorable angel (with a bowl haircut). My mum had made me stand on the pew so that I’d get picked up by the cameras. My family only went to church that day to get on the telly.
  3. I had poems published in several anthologies when I was a teenager. It cost me the price of the book each time – I now know that this was vanity publishing and therefore no reflection on my literary ability. Dammit.
  4. I’ve fired an M60 general purpose machine gun. By the time I realised I’d pulled the trigger the round was empty and I’d not even aimed at the target. Thank god I was aiming roughly in the right direction and not waving it around like a tool (me and the gun).
  5. I am a living, breathing A-Z of the best loo stops in London. (Two kids and bladder the size of a pea.) I even know how to get through the barriers at the toilets in Liverpool Street station without paying 30p.
  6.  My all-time favourite musical is Cabaret. Love it, love it, love it. I’ve seen it on stage at least five times. My favourite EmCee was James Dreyfuss and my favourite Sally was Kim Medcalfe.  Julian Clary (as EmCee) just couldn’t handle the Money Song.
  7. As a child, I once took a shoebox door-to-door round my street collecting for the RSPCA with the intention of keeping the money. I collected 10p. Sadly, a neighbour phoned my parents. Even more sad is that I’d not got the letters RSPCA the right way round on the shoebox.
  8. I would like my daughter to grow up to be a star of the musical stage – see point above. Unfortunately her father wants her to be a nuclear physicist so we’re looking for something halfway between the two. Square by day, star by night?
  9. I always wanted to have a BMX. I would pretend that my fold up girl’s bike was a BMX and really believed that no one else would think it wasn’t. In my head I would sing the theme tune from a TV programme on at that time: “BMX boys have a lot of fun, BMX boys have a lot of fun …” (despite being a girl).
  10. I once caused my husband to crash into the car in front of us by engaging in a spot of spontaneous preening. I chose an inappropriate moment on a roundabout to pluck a hair that grows out of his forehead. Oops. Would do it all again though. What kind of freak has a forehead hair?!

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