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Thought for the day

19 Jul

Like many companies run from the mighty US (where you don’t communicate with people but ‘reach out’) my employer’s intranet site includes a ‘Thought for the Day’. I often take a look at moments of the day when I’m feeling uninspired, fed-up or bored. Often I find something completely inappropriate or downright depressing submitted by a colleague who no doubt moments after clicking ‘send’, threw themselves out of the nearest window. However, there was a quote last week that I found genuinely interesting:

“There are only three things you need to let go of: judging, controlling, and being right. Release these three and you will have the whole mind and twinkly heart of a child.” Hugh Prather

To quote a friend: “I think this is bollocks – my daughter is a whizz at all three!” But it set me thinking about the things I do in my own little, some might think immature, way to make myself giggle like a child:

  1. Make rude and crude words on the fridge with magnetic letters and wait to see how long it is before anyone notices. (Thankfully my toddler can’t read yet.)
  2. Knock my husband’s book out of his hands and into his face when he’s reading in bed. Think the speed needed to catch a fly with chopsticks. (Thank you Mr Miyagi for that analogy.)
  3. Pretend to go downstairs but actually wait behind the bedroom door before jumping out on my husband. This is an elaborate performance involving making the top stair creak several times but at decreasing volumes and perhaps even tossing a shoe down the stairs to mimic my arriving at the bottom.
  4. Wait until my husband has fallen asleep on the sofa then whisper “Daddy’s asleep” to my toddler so that she whacks him in the stomach (or sometimes, more satisfyingly, on the head).
  5. Pretend that I’ve not packed my husband’s clean pants in the swimming bag. Tee hee, for a nanosecond I think he believes me.

In most cases my face betrays me and the gag is short-lived. More often than not the sheer anticipation and mere thought of it provoke such silent laughter and convulsions that it’s never even put into action. Given that my regular gags involve the misfortune of another, I’m not sure if they constitute my regaining Prather’s “twinkly heart of a child”. What I am sure of is that a little bit of silliness can go a long way.

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