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Saturday is Caption Day!

29 Sep

I’m rather late to the Mammasaurus #SatCap party this week. There’s no doubt though that the party is still going strong – huge congrats to the Great Mamma for her double win at the MADs last night. And as I leave kowtowing backwards, here is my #SatCap entry – any thoughts? Check out the other entries here. Coo coo for now!

Saturday is Caption Day!

14 Apr

Saturday is Caption Day thanks to the gorgeous Mammasaurus! My recent holiday to the US has provided some lovely blogging inspiration: Disney and bum cracks mainly. And then there’s the photo below. What do you make of this then? US dictionary at the ready please …

Saturday is Caption Day!

25 Feb

How I love to be fashionably late. At 10.30pm I’m probably now the scum at the end of the bottle. You’re all as drunk as lords. And there are no sausage rolls left. On the other hand, you might all be getting your second wind and can’t wait to write a witty caption for the photo below. As always, you can check out the other party-goers over at Mammasaurus‘ house. Lots of love.

Saturday is Caption Day!

24 Dec

It’s Saturday. It’s a day. I want your captions. Can you guess? (It’s bleeding obvious …) Saturday is Caption Day! Thanks and big love are, as always, extended to Mammasaurus for this meme – please visit the link to see other photos desperately seeking your wit and imagination.

What do you make of this little Christmas present? Ho ho ho. Give it your best …

Saturday is Caption Day!

3 Dec

There’s nothing like a meme to confirm to the blogosphere that Crumbs & Pegs still lives, breathes, burps when drinking beer and … well, you get the picture. Get your cute little online asses (eeeyore missus!) over to Mammasaurus to see the other entries.

Now, hoover can think of a good caption for this then? ….

5 things my 3-year-old has said that I never will (probably)

27 Nov

I am used to being tagged. As a chubby child I couldn’t run fast enough to get away. Tags these days are much more fun and less demeaning so thanks to Emma at Mummy Mummy Mum for tagging me in Helen at the The Crazy Kitchen’s meme. The idea is to come up with 5 things that your child says that you never will. In some ways a tricky one for me as my daughter and I are like peas in a pod; in other ways, very easy as she comes out with some real crackers. So here are mine (and inevitably they mainly involve bodily functions):

  1. If a monster comes in in the night, I’ll do a pop to scare it away.
  2. Have you got a ticket for the wee show?
  3. I’ve done four poos – a mummy, two babies and a dinosaur.
  4. Look mummy, your boobies are small.
  5. I’m not doing anything – just sitting here picking my nose.

So, now I’m ‘it’ – all huffy and puffy from chasing – and I’m tagging:

Dorky Mum

Rollercoaster Mum

SAHD and Proud

The iDad

The rules are simple: 5 things that your child has said that you may once have said but wouldn’t now in a month of Sundays. Then tag some victims. Finally, pop back to Helen’s original post and add yourself to her linky. On your marks …

Saturday is Caption Day!

22 Oct

Shush! I’m sneaking in before midnight when this meme turns into a pumpkin. Better late than never! (Check out the other entries via Mammasaurus’ fabulous blog.) So, thoughts on this one please (nothing cutting though – boom boom) …

What? Wednesday

14 Sep

Thanks again to Mammasaurus and her inspirational What? Wednesday meme! Lots of bloggers feeling a wee bit naughty again this week as they promote their blogs in public places. Yes, public places – that’s in the real world. Shocker.

This week my blog found itself going down … and up again and down again in a local hotel. A little bit seedy, non?

Saturday is Caption Day!

3 Sep

My blog posts have been pretty sporadic of late so thank goodness/ring out the bells/a big hand for Mammasaurus, the one-woman meme factory. Now I don’t even have to wait for inspiration – I just do what I’m told and hope that you folk out there (both of you – and, yes, that’s a sad plea for more readers) will like and comment.

Mammasaurus’ latest meme wheeze is Saturday is Caption Day! Not much explanation required. Please just provide some witty captions for the photo below. There are no prizes or accolades for the one that gives me a Tena Oops Moment but, as always, it’s the taking part that counts.

Saturday Is Caption Day

What? Wednesday

24 Aug

A brilliant idea for a new meme from Mammasaurus! Think of it like urban blogging, blog warfare, blog graffiti (although please note no public property is harmed in the making of this meme). Basically, leave your blog address and a cheeky message somewhere public and see what happens. Here’s where I left mine. (Note the clever play on words! So proud of myself ….) No extraordinary blog activity yet but I suspect the post-it has been washed away by the rain. Maybe it’ll appear out of a drain somewhere on the other side of the world (or maybe Margate).

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